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Did you know that in the beginning cheer leading was a male sport with no females allowed? Former Presidents, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Franklin D. Roosevelt all engaged their stuff as cheerleaders! Now, we are not saying that the Presidents in their younger days wore cheerleading hair bows but it just goes to show you what trend setters can accomplish! Cheerleading is said to have begun as a way to rouse the crowds during a losing season with positive chants and cheers. Being that this all got it's beginning in Minnesota it probably was used to warm the crowd up!

From small sizes up to style, you can purchase customized bows in zebra prints, polka dots, stars and stripes, sequins, rhinestones, and the list goes on! Cheerleaders abound with passion and enthusiasm for their home team! Be refreshing and wear different styles, start a trend that's clearly you or a new twist on and old trend. Hair bows can be ordered that have words displayed on them like 'spirit' or order custom colorful hair bows displaying your squad's mascot. For a thoughtful surprise to "cheer" on your squad, order hair bows that display each cheerleader's name. Cheerleading hair bows keep your hairstyles neat looking while practicing or at the big game! For busy cheerleader, scrunches are both functional and sporty. Keep in mind that scrunches may become loose during your performance so you may want Power bows, which show your team spirit while they stay in place throughout your energetic routine! Hair bows are simple to make yourself and can be a fun team project. Consider a scrunches that lights up to add that extra sparkle to your step! We applaud you on making your school and particularly the team your commitment! Support your team wearing creative hair bows at the next sporting event. Nothing like a unique hair bow style to help you keep the crowd on their feet and excited.

If you are one of the players, it is very vital that you should look for the right cheers, stunts, and other important matters.

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